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[Opera 釋出] Next 12.00A #1380 更新硬體加速 & 回顧

最近沒有每一版的更新都發翻譯文,主要是第一太忙、第二 Next 的更新相當不穩定。但看到接連的大功能釋出,所以還是寫一下好了。

Update on hardware acceleration in Opera 12
由 Huib Kleinhout(huibk). 2012年4月20日星期五下午8:00:00

Here at Opera HQ, we're buckling down for the final push before the beta launch of Opera 12. Right now, Wahoo is getting more complete, with even more fun things to come as we get closer to launch. We have one of those fun things today, in fact. This new snapshot includes the first look at the DirectX backend. Most users on Vista and Windows 7 will by default use this backend instead of the OpenGL backend for performance and stability reasons, but be aware that currently WebGL support using the OpenGL backend is more complete than when using DirectX.

在 Opera 總部,我們正對 Opera 12 beta 的釋出做最後的努力。現在,Wahoo 已經更完整了,而且還帶有很多有趣的東西,使得它更邁向推出的一步。事實上,我們打算在今天給各位帶來一些有趣的東西。這次的更新第一次包含了 DirectX backend。基於效能與穩定性的原因,多數的 Vista 和 Windows 7 的使用者會在預設的情況下使用這個 Backend 來取代 OperaGL backend。但請記得,就目前而言,OperaGL backend 對 WebGL 有更好的支援度。

There's also another change in this snapshot. After careful consideration and extensive testing, we've decided to let users of Opera 12 opt-in to WebGL and hardware acceleration.

這個更新還有另一個變更。在經過謹慎和廣泛的測試後,我們決定讓 Opera 12 的使用者選擇性的使用 WebGl 和硬體加速。

We're doing this for an important reason. We want to bring the first true hardware accelerated browser to market. This means using the graphics processor to boost rendering speeds not only for the pages themselves, but also the UI of the browser. It means making it an awesome experience for as many Opera desktop users as possible, whether they're on Windows XP, Linux or Lion.

因為有一個重大的考量讓我們下了這樣的決定。我們希望推出第一個真正意義上的硬體加速瀏覽器。這意味著不僅僅使用顯卡來提升網頁的成像速度,更應該擴展到瀏覽器的介面。我們的目的是盡可能地讓所有的 Opera 桌面版使用者都可以體驗如此絕佳的效果,無論他們使用的是 Windows XP、Linux 還是 Lion。

But in some cases, our hardware accelerated speeds do not yet beat our incredibly optimized software backend, Vega. Shipping a feature that could actually be less effective at boosting speed is a big no-no, especially if its a final release that many people will use for day-to-day browsing.

但是在某些情況下,我們的硬體加速效果尚無法和我們最佳化過的軟體 backend——Vega——匹敵(t7yang:這就是為什麼有時候你發現開硬體加速反而輸給預設的軟體加速)。釋出一個可能導致更低效能的功能是一個雙輸結果,尤其正式版推出後,會有很多使用者拿它來當作日常的瀏覽器。

Now, if you're reading this blog post, you're probably in the group of people who will want to turn on WebGL and hardware acceleration. You enable these features by setting both opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableHardwareAcceleration and opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableWebGL to 1, then saving and restarting Opera.

如果你正在閱讀本文,那你有可能是那一群會手動啟用 WebGL 和硬體加速的使用者。如果你想要啟用這些功能,你可以透過將 opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableHardwareAccelerationopera:config#UserPrefs|EnableWebGL 設定為 1 並儲存後重新啟動 Opera 來完成啟用。

Try it in this release and see how you like it. We think it ensures that Opera 12 will be a great release for everyone, whether you are a browser expert or just discovering Opera for the first time.

試試看吧!看看你有多喜歡它?我們認為上述這些新功能會讓 Opera 12 成為所有人都覺得很棒的更新,無論你是一個進階的 Opera 玩家還是一個剛剛認識 Opera 的初學者。

As Wahoo is approaching a beta release, we're focusing on stability and fixing regressions. This build includes an important performance and stability fix for plugins on Windows, and should speed up scrolling with plugins significantly.

因 Wahoo 正邁向 beta 更新,所有我們會專注在穩定性和瑕疵重現的修復。這個版本包含了一個 Windows 上極重要的效能與穩定性的外掛修復,應該會在外掛啟用時捲動效果上帶來很明顯的改善。

  • HTML5 Drag and Drop is work in progress. Things like dragging to and from external applications may not work. Some existing demo sites may not work fully
  • HTML5test.com could freeze or show other problems on Mac
  • OTW-8246 Opera 64-bit on Windows not supported on Google+
  • DSK-361109 Address dropdown not populated when searching page content with multiple words
  • CORE-45774 [Windows] [HWA] Border-color messes up background colour for element with border-radius with DirectX
  • DSK-357831 [Windows] [HWA] Negative letter spacing with DirectX on 64-bit builds

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.

本翻譯為個人業餘即興之翻譯,非屬官方正式中文翻譯。目的為協助不詣英文的讀者也能夠或多或少的瞭解 Opera 的消息。基於專業程度和時間的關係,省略、錯誤和翻譯品質不佳等問題在所難免。有發現翻譯上的錯誤,歡迎通知,省略與翻譯品質不佳則請見諒。如果發現譯文與原文產生衝突時,一切以原文為準。最後提醒,若你英文造詣高超,請直接閱讀原文。



老調重彈的是硬體加速還是因「機」而異,有些顯卡用起來就是很順。不過這次的硬體加速遇到中文會有一些顯示上的問題,有興趣的話可以看看我擷取的圖片。還沒在 N 卡上測試,所以不知道情況會不會很慘烈。有用 N 卡的朋友可以試試看。


  • 連結不再帶有版本號,減少壞連結形成
  • 不再根據瀏覽器版本過濾顯示延伸套件,而是給予最佳使用版本的說明
  • 更新評價的演算法,讓評價系統更真實
  • 改善一些語言在搜尋時的效果(包含中文),使用者必須手動變更過濾的語言,仍在改善中。


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